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After the name "TANZRAUSCH" got it's shape through many events
between Cologne and Duesseldorf since Oct 2006, now-a-days we are
providing a platform to many newcomer DJs and well known faces in the
nightlife scene to play their music. Of course the next step is be to
open that platform up to artists to publish their own tracks.

>From this idea we started the label "TANZRAUSCH" in Oct 2008.

Our intention is to create a sound, which can not be pushed into
one common corner or another. Rather it should stick with your minds
and your legs. To get to that point, we present tracks with many facetts
and one familiar face to get remembered with, where neither heart nor
head will starve to death.

Don't think of "TANZRAUSCH" as another drip in the sea of techno and
house labels, but think of it as the possibility to get the music your voice
through continuous work, passion and engagement.

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Ziggy P. & C J Wimmer Pandora[s] Box

Ziggy P. & C J Wimmer

Pandora[s] Box

VÖ-Datum: 28.01.2011
Label: tanzrausch
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