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tanzbar musik



kostbar musik and tanzbar musik was founded in 2006 by the brothers Rico and Ronald Böhme aka binary & durden. The focus on both labels is high quality techno and house music from well known and also unknown Producers.
The Chiemsee brothers have been present in the electronic music scene since well over a decade.
After cooperating with some other labels, they decided to go ahead andlaunch their own label.
"We should have risked going ahead with the label a few years earlier." said Rico and Ronald.
Maybe the timing was not so bad after all as they now had the experience and contacts vital to establish the labels professionally.
Now, some well known artists, like Robert Babicz, Patrick Zigon, Lars Wickinger, Steve Lawler, Tom Middleton, Gabriel Ananda, Miss Jools, Phonogenic... just to name a few, have releases on kostbar musik and tanzbar musik.

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