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sushi tunes



Sushi Tunes represents the Berlin based independent music label launch in 2008 as a Sub Label Of 'Ministry Of Sound (Germany)'.

Ministry of Sound Recordings (Germany) GmbH changed its name to Embassy of Music GmbH in September 2010 in order to express its independence from its former (until 2007) parent UK label Ministry Of Sound and its broadened spectrum of musical styles and genres. Since then "Ministry of Sound Recordings (Germany)" is used as a brand for dance music releases.

As of February 2010 the label is distributed by Warner Music. It was previously distributed by Edel.

Sushi Tunes is sister label with Badabing Records and wih Voidcom.

The Berlin based music label, Sushi Tunes is the home platform for a variety of artists such as: Kate Ryan, Shaun Baker, Ian Van Dahl, Rob Mayth, Tiffany Gayle, Decoy & Roy, Dreamforce, Gummibar, Karaja, amongst many others.

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Ray Charles Hit The Road Jack

Ray Charles

Hit The Road Jack

VÖ-Datum: 15.07.2011
Label: sushi tunes
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