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suruba playa



Suruba Playa Records represemts the Spanish music label launched in 2010 as a subdivision of Suruba Records, the Spanish label based in Madrid, run by Los Suruba releasing Tech-House, Deep House and Techno.

In cooperation, Los Suruba have created the label Suruba Records®, a powerfull and creative vinyl label, which in February of 2007 had released its first record.

The philosophy of this label will be to try and compress the latest trends in the international electronic music scene, in order to create a powerful sound, focused primarily on danceability, with influences derived mainly from tech house, deep house and with elements of techno.

The spirit of Suruba®, therefore, is the wild mix of tendencies, trends, and party-people from all types and backgrounds. This is where it derives its name, Suruba, which in Brazilian portuguese means nothing less than orgy, why? because Suruba was one of the most famous neighborhoods in the old Roman Empire, because there were many houses with prostitutes, crazy partys, lust and debauchery...

Suruba Playa Records owns at the moment 6 releases coming up from acts like: Darylin Vlys, Affkt, Nil By Mouth, Larry Peters, Miguel Lobo, Fly O Tech, etc.

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Nil by mouth Fibula Ep

Nil by mouth

Fibula Ep

VÖ-Datum: 12.09.2011
Label: suruba playa
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