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surefire sound



Surefire Sound represents the California based music label launched in 2010.

San Francisco, CAs Surefire Sound starts off the new decade with a bang and launches their brand new label with an energetic single by EPROM. A fast rising West Coast bass technician, DJ and producer Sander Dennis a.k.a. EPROM delivers funky, techy fourfour beats on “Never.” EPROM’s original mix opens with rattling hi-hats and a hushed female vocal accented by EPROMs patented twitchy synths. A hefty kick drops, braced by a thick, bouncy mid-range bass pattern. Like recent tracks by Untold or Ramadanman, “Never” blurs the divisions between dubstep, funky, techno and garage to form an irresistible new creation. Hyped newcomer FaltyDL had a breakthrough year in 2009.