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Subtext is a UK label specializing in the darker sounds of breakbeat fusing together elements of grime, breakstep, and drum'n'bass into a breakbeat context. Launched in 2004 by Paul Jebanasam and based in Bristol, the label is one of the first outposts of the darker breakstep sound which originated from the London underground.

The first release on the label comes from Bristolian based producers Vex'd who have dropped the electric Pop Pop and Canyon, but after that the english imprint dissapeared. In 2011, the Bristol's experimental modern classical label, Subtext, was reactivated to explore the numinous terrain where the modern classical meets the industrial.

Paul Jebanasam is one of several Bristol-based musicians blurring boundaries between contemporary composition, process-based recording and the colossal physicality of sound system culture. As head of Subtext Recordings, Jebanasam has released excellent albums by fellow Bristol dwellers Emptyset and Roly Porter, as well as his own 2011 live recording, Music For The Cathedral of St. John The Baptist. Together, the Subtext artists form a tight micro-scene, linked by an endless weave of conversation about music and ideas.

Subtext is part of Multiverse Music, a Bristol collective that also houses the vanguard dubstep label Tectonic Recordings, which released Jebanasam’s earlier work as Moving Ninja, and also a few tracks of Roly Porter’s work as half of Vex’d.

Subtext Recordings, it would seem, has regenerated itself into a haven for experiments in noise and the far gone sonics of producers pushing the boundaries of recorded performance. Porter’s Aftertime feels just as oppressive as anything he’s ever released before; its as endlessly physical, it’s just now it’s often a textural clash rather than a clatter of heavy weight drum hits that jars you out of whatever daydream like trance you’ve slipped into.

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Paul Jebanasam Rites

Paul Jebanasam


VÖ-Datum: 25.11.2015
Label: subtext
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4 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 4.