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subfuzion records



Subfuzion Records was formed in 2008 by Carl Alford (Shufunk) and Jamie Delacovias (Deli J). Their aim is to promote and publish fresh new d'n'b material to the masses, covering all bases from jump up to grime.

Shufunk got the Subfuzion Records ball rolling and mainly keeps himself busy running and promoting the label. When he gets the time he also enjoys producing his own material and networking/collaborating with other artists, in the interest of discovering new talent.

Deli J has years of dj'ing and producing experience and has played at several nights in and around the Oxford area. He has a sound engineering diploma under his belt and apart from assisting Shufunk in running the label, his main responsibility is making sure tunes sound their best before they are released.

Assisting the label with promotion and event organising is Kenny Speers (Ken DMA). He has been dj'ing around the UK for years and been involved in organising and promoting local nights SUBLEVEL and CARNAGE, featuring some of the UK's top drum and bass DJ's.