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stolen kisses



Stolen Kisses is a Chicago-based label founded by Little White Earbuds editor-in-chief, Steve Mizek. Our records showcase delights of chance and circumstance.

The debut single from Steve Mizek's (majordomo of Little White Earbuds, former contributor to RA) Stolen Kisses label lays out the imprint's agenda pretty shrewdly. I was tempted to label Hakim Murphy's "Infinite Sensations" "microhouse," but that wouldn't be quite right. It isn't that the year isn't 2002 or something—though that probably helps—so much as that what Mizek's fellow Chicagoan Murphy does has a phantom quality, thanks to the spacious sound design: piano trills off in the distance (paging Perlon-era Akufen), bass surges right up front, flickering percussion galore. It's velvety, not staticky.

For the second release on his Stolen Kisses label, Little White Earbuds editor Steve Mizek turns to BNJMN, the UK musician who caused such a stir with his straight-outta-nowhere 2010 debut EP for Rush Hour and followed up with two well-received LPs for the label in 2011. BNJMN has already shown himself to be a remarkably versatile producer, ranging from punchy neo-Detroitisms to downsampled downbeat. "Nightvision" is one of his most straightforward club tracks, at least given its housey cadence and its running time (five minutes, which is pretty much his outer limit). But it's far fuller, sonically and conceptually, than most house tracks these days, brimming with bright chords and counterpoint melodies, plucked synths and vocoder-like pads; its carnival-in-dub vibes sound almost like an homage to Luciano of a decade ago, particularly his Blind Behaviour. The bass, meanwhile, is a rapid-fire LFO that bubbles like a pot full of boiling water and sounds unlike any other track I can think of.

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leonid nevermind third kiss/ roman fluegel rmx

leonid nevermind

third kiss/ roman fluegel rmx

VÖ-Datum: 19.11.2012
Label: stolen kisses
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