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Stoke Audio is an independent dubstep & electronic music label based in Jena / Germany.Brainchild of this label is the german dubstep dj & producer Thomas Schwarz aka TKR.Our sound is a mixture of various electronic music styles e.g. dubstep, future garage or mininmal & dubtechno but the focus is mainly concentrated on dubstep music. Stoke Audios goal is to spread this unique sound all over the electronic music world. Stoke Audio is working with Artists from all around the World like Dubtek, Twisted, Mr. Boogie, SFR, Rakoon or Boot & Skyence and gets a lot of support by other artists and djs e.g. Dj Crisis (Rinse.fm), Riskotheque (Z-Audio), Bunzero (Sub.fm) and many more.

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