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Stanton Nadel



This page is dedicated to all Stanton Needles and other DJ Accessories that you can buy online from our site at the best prices! Our products are distributed throughout the best confident partners on the market specialised in professional Audio & Light products with an experience of more than 20 years.

Stanton has been making history in the turntablist world with our industry standard setting cartridges for 59 years. Beginning with the release of the first ever microgroove phono cartridge in 1948 under the Pickering name (yep, that's us too), we have pioneered more stylus and cartridge technology than any other manufacturer to date.

After over a half century of focus and tweaking, we bring you the finest line of Stanton cartridge models ever made. Infused with all of Stanton's world famous patents and ground breaking technology, then designed with our edgy DJ style, you've got to get your hands on these needles to experience this level of quality.

Stanton cartridges are made in the U.S.A. using only the finest quality materials, like jewelry grade diamonds. Stanton revamped their entire cartridge line with a new look and latest technology.

When tested head-to-head with our competitors' most popular needles, after only a few hours of back cue, you can actually hear the cue burn damage created by every cartridge... except Stanton's. Cue burn will kill the sound quality of your records, creating pops, clicks, and other sounds! Because Stanton uses polished jewelry grade diamonds our needles are known to lessen the effects of Cue burn and will preserve your records.

We provide our customers with the best Stanton Needles items and we insure a safe and quick delivery. Any item that we do have in our warehouse, can be dispatched at the same day your payment is done. And those who are not available on our stock, please contact us if you are interesting in buying one, and we will make sure to please you.

Selling the best products at the best price that's our goal, and to satisfy our customers is our motivation!