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Spun Records:
Spun Records is a psychedelic trance record label established in 1999 by G.M.S.. It was the first psy-trance label in the United States. In July 2002, G.M.S. opened a European branch of the label in Ibiza, Spain, to streamline the operation of the label. In 2004, Spun created sub-label Nice Dreams Music, which produces a mix of ambient, chill, electro, club, and house music. Spun Records was closed from 2007 till reopening in 2009. Spun Records was founded by Seth Hoffmann, Bradd Hosking & G.M.S. (Growling Mad Scientists) specializing in full on psytrance/out door party sound. It was decided by Seth & G.M.S. in July 2002 to open a European branch of the label in Ibiza (Spain) to increase the amount of releases and popularity of the label worldwide always featuring the best trance artists such as: Alternate Vision, Animalis, Bushman, Cyrus the Virus, Deedrah, Dizzy Mind, Dr. Hoffman, Earthling, Father & Son, Frequency Surfer, Growling Machines, Growling Mad Scientists, Last Men Standing, Perplex, Poli, Soma, Soundaholix, Space Cat, Wizzy Noise, Wrecked Machines, Zorba, 1200 Micrograms, Bansi, Bushman, Celli, Dimitri Nakov, Gabe, Mack, Paul Taylor, Riktam, Soma and more.

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