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southern fried



Southern Fried Records is a London-based independent electronic dance music record label founded and owned by Norman Cook, better known by his stage name, Fatboy Slim. The label was created by Cook in 1994 to publish and market his and other artists' releases that major labels would deem not commercial enough for mass release.

Southern Fried started as a pet project for Norman Cook to release bootlegs, party tracks and friends and family records in the early / mid 90’s, the label has certainly come along way from there.

The early releases from Norman in his Mighty Dub Katz guise, as well as Freakpower and The Feelgood Factor were the seedlings of Fatboy Slim, his mates the Bassbin Twins, Krafty kuts and Scanty Sandwich soon started to make records for Norm to add to the release schedule, and before long, Southern Fried was having hits. The 00′s saw Southern Fried blossom in to a ‘Real’ record label, undertaking Artist development and resultant album release from Armand Van Helden, Grandad Bob, Cagedbaby, Trabant, The Black Ghosts, Shinichi Osawa, The Whip, Crookers and More.

Throughout it’s history, the label has maintained an appetite for Club music, releasing over 200 ‘Floor-Shaking’ singles to date, recently it launched the Southern Fried And Tested Mix compilation series which chronicles the Dance back catalogue.
2010 has been a busy year already with the release of the debut Crookers album, artists to watch for the remainder of the year include The 2 Bears, Shinichi Osawa, Thomas Gandey, Kashii and The Whip.

The label's roster has featured scene leaders such as Cook himself (often under his Mighty Dub Katz pseudonym, among others), as well as electro funk pioneer Kurtis Mantronik. Currently, the label has expanded its range of releases to include more album-based artists alongside club music producers, including Armand Van Helden, DJ Touche, Cagedbaby, The Black Ghosts, The Whip, Crookers, The Shoes, The 2 Bears, Kashii and The BPA (AKA The Brighton Port Authority).
Sublabel: Four Thumb Broadway.