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south american grooves



South American Grooves is a subdivision of the South American House, the official Marcelo Castelli's label. Marcelo is originally from Montevideo Uruguay and have been mixing the Candombe sound rhythm that cames from Africa but played by most of the Uruguayans with the electronic music since 1992. With this particulary sound Castelli had created his own style taking the tribal sound to next level. Marcelo is one of the dj´s producers Latin America Icons. He have been djying for more than 15 years around the world and producing lots of excellents tracks and remixes.

At the moment Marcelo Castelli has more than 100 originals tracks,more than 30 records and more than 30 remixes released in excellent labels such as - Kismet ,Low Pressings, Hooj,Alternative Route , Stereo-Productions,Musiq,Fluential ,Cream,Illustrious,Release Grooves,Referense Records,Tribo,Magna,En Soul,Votu, Vibra/Universal, Xplosion Records,Wanted ,Bonita Musica, JellyBean Records and House Work.

Marcello Castelli is now the owner of 6 labels on digital and vinyl ,South American House,Southamerican Groove,MuzikXPress, Soulman Music,Minimo Records and Supermusic Records.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.