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Soundzrise was started as a radio programme broadcast by m2o, one of the most popular Italian radio stations. In the spring of 2009 it also became a label.

The night of m2o radio , were there is room to dream. It 's a space where you can let your mind drive free to transport you into a different world. This world has a name and it is "Soundzrise", the decompression music show of m2o .

This program is made, created, selected and mixed by Andrea Rango, aided by the persuasive voice of Miss Annie. Three hours that will take you on a musical journey through the contaminated world of new sounds ranging from House to the new horizons of electronics to end with the deep sensuality of the music and then go into the frenetic and captivating sound of Latin with the touch of tribal energy in few words everything you wanted to hear, but nobody has ever given.

Andrea Rango is the music director of Italy's number one Dance music radio station m2o. He started his career on local radio and soon worked his way up to become involved with the main networks Radio Deejay, RDS, Radio Capital.
He presents the show "SoUNdzRISE" everyday, a show that is essential to the growth and support of dance music in the country.

His great passion for music and record collecting has shaped him as an eclectic and creative dj and innovative producer. The union of the rhythmic house music alongside electronic and classic sounds has shaped his unique dj-sets and production.

His wide range of musical selection from jazz, soul, funk, pop, as well as house and electronica, has made him a very eclectic dj who's not afraid to experiment with sets ranging from jazz to techno. ??Within his dj sets he creates real live sessions using the latest technology in digital mixing.?Already a proven dj success in his native country Andrea is ready to take on the rest of Europe!

SoundzRise is a Italian label releasing Tech-House, House e Deep music located in Italy. SoundzRise Records was created out of the same passion for dance music as the events. The label takes in house, techno, minimal and deep and the best shades in between them all. SoundzRise is also a radio program in the largest Italian network of Club music on M2O that every day chasing the light.

Soundzrise: change the way to feel the SoundZ! Soundzrise it'a label, a radioshow, an event ... Soundzrise it's a Brand!

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andrea rango hi ether, someone else remix

andrea rango

hi ether, someone else remix

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Label: soundzrise
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