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SOUNDZ is a hot new imprint under the umbrella of Soundz Limited, the label and management group owned by Christian Larsson. The group also includes legendary house label Slip 'N' Slide and original UK house stable Kickin, amoungst others.

SOUNDZ mission is pioneering quality electronic dance music with no boundaries or musical statement other than strict quality control and support for artist-based projects.

Therefore the sound of the label is diverse, appealing to lovers of electronic music across the board by taking in elements of deep house, minimal house, Tech-House, Electro, techno and groovy down-tempo sounds.

The label offers releases and remixes from global key producers and DJs, along with the cream of up-and-coming new talent. Every release on vinyl or digital promises something a little Bit special.

SOUNDZ also re-releases rare classics, adding new remixes to the package, together with the sought after originals. keeping in tune with quality and timeless music - Soundz deserves to be heard worldwide by the new breed of electronic music fans.

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VÖ-Datum: 25.02.2014
Label: soundz
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