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sounds good



Sounds good represents the independent music label based in Milano, Italy established back in 19959.Due to its long-lasting presence on the music market, Sounds Good has in its back catalogue a variety of releases from tens of artists. The italian label is the subdivision of Brioche Edizioni Musicali Snc, the legendary italian label founded in 1998 by Giuliano Saglia and Roberto Cibelli.

Sounds Good Records released a part of its compilations as promos from various artists, and all of them gained great succes.

Sister labels: 24 Records, Digital Noise, Real Power.

Sounds Good is the home to favourite artists such as: Lady, Sharon S, Andrea Paci, Alex Guesta, Mission One, The Beat Group, Central City, Urban Dance Institution, TribalGroove, The Deep Brothers, Niurka, Perfect Phase, Kelly Joyce, Village People, and many many others.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.