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sound division



The oldest label of the Molto Recordings Group has been rocking dancefloors with some cool italian House music for almost a decade, and is still alive and kicking with the best artists today! For sure you remember one of the strongest hit ever, that "Shined On Me" by Praise Cats feat. Andrea Love! It had an enormous impact everywhere in the planet and gave Sound Division the international prestige deserved. Since then we've been doing good records with some of the best italian djs and producers such as Fuzzy Hair, Giusy Consoli and have also linked with the best artists in the world to bring on italian vinyls the tunes we like most. Of a particular importance the deal we had with the german brand Great Stuff for Perfect Exceeder by mason vs Princess superstar and the follow up Quarter, exclusively licensed for the italian market on Sound Division!

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praise cats we got love

praise cats

we got love

VÖ-Datum: 15.08.2014
Label: sound division
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