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soulfuric traxx



Soulfuric Traxx represents the USA based music label launched back in 1999 as a subdivision of Soulfuric Recordings. The American house-music label founded by Brian Tappert & Marc Pomeroy, specializing in a soulful blend of danceable music.

Soulfuric Recordings and its two sublabels, Soulfuric Traxx and Soulfuric Deep are one of the most renowned labels in House music and has released material from highly acclaimed artists like Melba Moore, Donna Allen, Shawn Christopher, Axwell, Hardsoul , Soulsearcher, Axwell, Cleptomaniacs, Jazz'n'Groove, Urban Blues Project, Copyright, Hardsoul, John Julius Knight, DJ Fudge, Ron Carroll and Bobby DAmbrosio to name a few.