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soul purpose



Soul Purpose Records represents the UK deep, soulful, house label based out of Newbury in Berkshire and run by Soul Purpose, aka Martin Ikin.

Martin Ikin has been DJ’ing and Producing music since 1990. Spending all his adult life from the age of 17 releasing records on many labels, under many names and accumulating a surprising list of classics along the way.

As well as DJ’ing, Producing and spending some years employed as an in-house engineer at several recording studios he also studied jazz piano, has been bandleader of several jazz funk outfits and is still gigging, session playing and teaching piano today.

After over 10 years of releasing music on 3rd party labels, Martin launched his own label – Soul Purpose Records in 2003, as a stable for his own productions. With artists such as Juliet Roberts, Elisabeth Troy, Angie Brown, Mary Pearce & Bryan Chambers joining the camp straight away and letting the music do the talking, Soul Purpose Records has now built a reputation for quality house music with numerous chart Number 1′s under its belt. And is going from strength to strength.