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soul people music



Soul People Music represents the New York based music label established in early 2005 and is run by Fred P. Starting as a digital outlet, it has now grown to mostly vinyl projects. The sound is unique and blurs the lines between styles, which is the aim. Through Soul People Music, Fred P brings different vibrations that connect both past and present while looking to the future.

A notoriously mild mannered fellow, Fred P. has been making his noise felt where it counts. His Soul People labelís vinyl releases are coveted across the underground house world, as are his Black Jazz Consortium productions and his sporadic appearances on equally sought after imprints like Jus Edís Underground Quality.

DJ, Artist, and Remixer extraordinaire Fred P is the mind behind Black Jazz Consortium and the owner of Soul People Music. Recording for a wide range of labels, most notably DJ Jus-Edís Underground Quality, Fred P has gained a following of true deep house lovers all over the world. Staying true to his sound and vibe makes him a unique contributor to this genre.

Soul People Music boss Fred P. curates one of Earth Tones EPs every year, but in 2013 Eath Tones 5 let us being treated to two, this one featuring Beat Pharmacy, Esther Duijn, Lapien, and Fred himself.

Besides running the label, Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium founded a program called Soul People Music Radio.Starting back in 2005 on the Soulstream network and now broadcasting on motionfm.com Fred maintains the attitude of vibes and mood over popular music. This is a weekly prerecorded show and continues to be a platform for exposing Fred's taste and music from his label Soul People Music.

Fred is a mysterious man of few words, choosing to let the deep personal vibe of his music speak for him. With such a prolific output of amazing music, itís clear that Fred has a lot to tell us, and youíll be hearing a lot more in years to come.

Soul People Music's artists roster includes acts such as: Imugen Orihasam, Black Jazz Consortium, Fred P., VIbrophonic, DJ Mourad, Native Sound PeteBlass, Trinity Sound Consortium, Steve Oh, October, and many various ones.