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soul love



Soul Love Records represents the independent music label founded in 2002 and based Harajuku, Tokio. The Japanese label is a subdivision of Big Love, the new name (from 2011) of what used to be Escalator Records, in Harajuku.

Masashi Naka opened this very unique place in 2002, specializing in electro music. Little by little, Naka-san started to distribute various indie labels from the US and the UK (vinyls and cassette tapes, new only). His catalog of about 2000 references is 100% from outside of Japan and I believe this is a unique concentration of such rare and particular productions.

In the first year we've seen an international panoply of releases from the UK's Warren Clarke, Italians Giorgia B & Planeta Boracho, more Brits Fitch&Rich, Israel's Ran Shani, Pride of Scotland Huggy & Dean Newton, Hungarian Jay Lumen, and aliens Codec Shift!! Now we have the follow-up from NYC's Latin House duo DJ Dome & Elvis Suarez pres Puerto Rican Disco "Brass Knuckles" - a steamy, summery affair punctuated by an extremely hooky trumpet.

Soul Love is the home platform for a variety of artists such as: Seamus Haji, Mekkah, Scape, D-Empress, BelezaMusica, Mr. Hermano, The Montanas, Def E, Timmy Vegas, Lorenz Rhode, Nova Frontiera, amongst many others.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.