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Soul Deep Recordings



Soul Deep has established itself as one of the hottest labels bringing quality Drum & Bass to all D&B lovers. The label is owned and operated by Scott Allen. Scott Allen of Neosoul is originally from Seattle, Wa, and he currently resides in Los Angeles, Ca., where he has been deejaying for over ten years. While coming up as a Deejay, he was heavily involved in the U.S. breakbeat scene.

He got started In 1994 when I teamed up with my deejay partner, Tim Andren, and together they formed the group called Neosoul. They toured for many years and played a countless number of gigs entertaining the crowds with our 2 x 4 performance (2 deejays and 4 turntables).

In January 2011 he launched his first record label called Soul Deep Recordings and have managed to create an amazing roster of artists to release on the label. Soul Deep takes pride in searching out well known artists, as well as more obscure and up and coming ones to help put out the best D&B music possible.

The label features a number of talented artists and a diverse sound, with songs from many different styles of Drum & Bass. Whether it's deep, liquid, jazzy, or atmospheric, Soul Deep is committed to releasing timeless songs that satisfy the Soul.

Artists on the roster include, Arp-1, Blade, Scott Allen, Deeper Connection, Phat Playaz, Jrumhand, mSdoS, Stunna, MJT, Duoscience, Soultec, Muwookie, Static, Flowrian, Imagery, Sevin, Against, Physical Illusion, Pulsaar, Subsid, L-Side, Soulculture, Blue Motion, Faible, Kredit, Skeletone, Silence Groove, Submatic, Flame, Pouyah, Giorgiolive, Andrezz, & Tidal.

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Blade Blackbird Ep


Blackbird Ep

VÖ-Datum: 25.08.2017
Label: soul deep recordings
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