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Sonic Sound Music represents the München based music label launched in 2010.

One of the german’s favourite artist is Scoff. Ever since the beginning of SCOFF, it has always been about the passion
for music, sharing those precious moments on stage and being a fan of your own band – nothing more and nothing less.

It is these few simple ingredients that keep the Munich based three-piece formation rocking and rolling for over a decade now. Against numerous odds, SCOFF have managed to put out powerful rock & metal tunes, which are not
only acclaimed by fans and critics, but above all savoured by the band itself.

Striving to meet their musical ideas, SCOFF put a great deal in writing tunes that come with a huge portion of groove and heart, spiced with tricky song structures to keep the mind exercised. As a result the debut album “Reverse
Universe” and the 2011 release “LλMBDλ” have been awarded a great number of music press accolades and gained the attention of fans worldwide.

SCOFF’s music is only to be surpassed by their stunning live performances that have earned the band the privilege to share the stage with national and international rock heavy weights such as CORROSION OF CONFORMITY (USA), JOHN GARCIA plays KYUSS (USA), BRANT BJORK (USA), HERMANO (USA), KARMA2BURN (USA), HARMFUL (GER),

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.