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sonic speed records



Sonic Speed Records is an upcoming imprint for individual, energetic and hard Techno of different generations. Founded by mad musician Bassbottle the label made it one's business to release chequered quality tracks full of ideas and recognition value. With these Sonic Speed Warriors and by recruiting an army of so-called Sonic Speed Soldiers, Bassbottle and his record label make the world a place of bass, dance and happiness.

Bassbottle is the upcoming Hardtechno producer, deejay and label owner. Mad musician, freak show monkey and entertainer. Meanwhile, his tracks are played by all the big name deejays on the best-known events around the globe.

In his early childhood he discovered electronic music. His main influences at this point in time were on one hand commercial Dancefloor productions and on the other old Hardcore- and Gabber-tapes from the old Bunker club. Fascinated by the rave hymns of the time, he in 1996 took the chance to make his own debut track on a friend’s Amiga with a four patterns program. With that he constructed a song based on a melody he had in mind for years before. From now on he knew his way.

In 2004 Bassbottle uploaded a few of his tracks into internet. Quickly he got a still rising fanbase. The mixsets he released one year later had also access. This lasted over the years. His first record on a lable appeared in 2005 and finally got the ball rolling for further releases.

In February 2009 the first release of his own label Sonic Speed Records has been published, followed by another successful one in the year after. In 2010 Bassbottle surprised his fans with finally opening himself for digital releases. A boom of relevant releases was the result.

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Sonic Speed Special Pack 01

Sonic Speed

Special Pack 01

VÖ-Datum: 09.09.2015
Label: sonic speed records
  • 2 x 12" Germany
    2 x 12" Germany
  • Techno
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dj ogi sonic beast ep

dj ogi

sonic beast ep

VÖ-Datum: 24.11.2010
Label: sonic speed records
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