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solamente music



Some play lists still sound like a “who is who“ of electronic music and its scene. Entire mother Earth with all its different artists made far-reaching experiences with the matrix vinyl. One may connect adventures, experiences and many imaginative new starts into other electronic styles who distinctively form one’s mind for a long time in the shape of several hit records. The plan is basically simple – “one should aim high”, what seems plausible, because you always define it like that yourself. I’m grateful for that impulse to provoke my thoughts. Enough reasons to melt past, present and future into one combined project. First of all one should keep in mind that industrialisation is a whole natural process with all its devices and elements – like it is a food chain for man and animal in which not only surviving is at stake.

It is important not to set boundaries for creativity - even if those who “love it” and those who “make a living” stay left behind. By now we all know that there is also a dark side where is light.

We would really like to illuminate these dark sides even if we surely are, we will be and we also will become exotics in this domain. It is about music! Music that is made especially for vinyl lovers. For those who do not defend themselves with bloodcurdling arguments under the flag of comfort. Right now it might be adequate to post every single argument. But no one should be supported this way. One might rather ask who grew up at which time in which way under which circumstances. When it comes to feelings it is also natural to carry this one into the clubs in the shape of about 25 kilos of vinyl. It is such a joy to set it free on the dance floor.