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Société 4/4 rec



the label-concept in some short words:

dancefloor proofed tracks:
all tracks that will be released on société 4/4 recordings are club tested and dancefloor proofed.
e.g.: dr. ogni jacquard (himself a dj-professional for over 20 years with bookings worldwide) is testing all tracks at minimum 5 different dj gigs & locations.
everytime a new track is played he makes very detailed notes about the people´s reactions.
in the morning (directly after the gig) he goes to the recording studio to do corrections at the tracks.
so you can see, that a full dancefloor and an enthusiastic party crowd is just no lucky break - it´s the result of a concentrated working process.

limited vinyl releases:
all vinyl releases will be strictly limited to the just 300 pieces worldwide!

promotion & marketing:
additional to The Normal press relations with journalists and bloggers with the focus on the musical aspects, société 4/4 vinyl-releases will catch the people´s eyes also with extraordinary artwork.
the standard label vinyl cover for 12” maxi and e.p. releases will be a thick lp-cover with 3mm backplate.
the feel of the surface will be very special and the design just remarkably.
every release will be ornamented with an individual and very special société 4/4 stamp.
moreover the vinyl-stickers for each release are individual and correspend to the design of the stamp.
société 4/4 vinyl-release will not only address the music enthusiast, but also the vinyl-collectors.

quality of mastering & cutting:
for the mastering, cutting & pressing we are absolute conservative and just work together with the Best european partners to ensure 100% quality!

to underline the labels specific attitude all activities will be accompanied with merchandise acivities.
merchandise t-shirts, polo´s and sweaters will be artistic and creative as well and not comparable to other products in design and quality.