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snork enterprises



Snork Enterprises represents the Berlin based independent music label founded in 2004, and ever since its inception, the german imprint has been r eleasing atmospheric minimal, techhouse and techno characterised by "snorky" beats, crunchy drums, and melodies driven by a deep synthy bassline.

Snork Enterprises is Techno from A-Z: A mixture of Minimal, Tech-House and Techno.Some snorky beats here and some crunchy drums there, melodies driven by deep synth basslines, atmosphere created by music of spheres. Snork Enterprises aims to be played both peak-time or late-on, refreshing every afterhour but at the same time giving you what you need when you need to relax with some good electronic music - Itís a base for modern underground electronic techno music.

Snork isnít about being pretentious or arty for the sake of it, itís about depth on the Dance-floor. Artists featured on Snork Enterprises include Jens Zimmermann, Daniel Steinberg, Cristian Vogel and many more.

With each of its more than 120 releases, Snork Enterprises and its sublabels Feinwerk, Relax 2000 and Share Yourself! Series has been going on a journey deep down under the ground, where the light is dark and the bass is booming.

Itís an experienced and passionate label having found its very special booth in the techno scene. 2004, it all started with nowadays sublabel Feinwerk. It was the first step towards ten years of genuine underground sound. Founded by techno DJ and producer Christian Schachta, known as Syntax Error, Snork Enterprises soon developed into a base for modern underground electronic techno music placed in Gießen, a small town, right in the middle of Germany. Watch out! It does not always have to be London, Berlin or Chicago!