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smokin riddims



Smokin Riddims is a drum and bass label launched by head honcho Jaydan in 2007. Since its launch it has gone from strength to strength and built momentum with every release. Now established and Expect a lot more from our signed artists in 2012.

Jaydan Aka Jamie Cope hails from Leicester and has been into drum & bass ever since discovering it through his older brothers love of the music. From his early teens he was listening to rave music through his brother and in his friends bedrooms and started attending various under 18s raves around Leicester.

Jaydan has been Djing for 15 years now and describes himself as a straight up party DJ although he plays and appreciates music from right across the spectrum of Drum & Bass. Along with regular appearances that stretch the length and breadth of the UK, he has also performed in a string of country’s including Belgium, Amsterdam, Poland, Toronto, Paris, Vienna, Portugal, Spain & Germany regularly returning to perform again.

Fast forward to 2007 and having had had a steady stream of releases on Propaganda and Blueprint as well as doing well received remixes for the likes of Aphrodite, DBO General and Swann-e to name a few, Jaydan felt he was now an established enough name to launch his own record label which was something he had been thinking about for a long time. After weeks of toying with ideas for names he settled on Smokin’ Riddims and with help from his brother Tony the logo and brand was created.

The label has accelerated in notoriety far quicker than he could had ever imagined with many of the current releases to date charting in the Radio One Top 10 Drum & Bass Chart as high as number 4. Wanting to start building a camp of artists and having received some unsigned tracks he discovered the talents of DJ Origin, Shifta & Dr Dub and seeing their potential signed them to the label.

Since then there have been even more additions to the label in the form of Steppa & Kitcha and also USA outfit Fineprint. With the camp starting to look solid and excellent material starting to roll in from the artists the label continues to go from strength to strength and has a very bright future constantly building in momentum with every release.

Current artist rosta includes:- Jaydan, DJ LIZ-E, Recon (aka Renegade), Harvest, Dynamics, Fineprint Decimal Bass& Hoogs. Loads of new music to come next year so keep em peeled. Bless