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Smallville represents the independent Hamburg based music label founded in 2005 by Peter Kersten, aka Lawrence, Julius Steinhoff and Stella Plazonja. Smallville is also the arm of the record shop with the same name which is located in Hamburg and is distributed by WAS.

Smallville Records quickly became not only one of the best hang out spots in the city of Hamburg, but also a label providing an essential reference point for those wanting to take a closer look at Germany’s electronic scene. They release the likes of Julius Steinhoff, Juniper & Arnaldo and Stefan Marx, and then accompany their releases with a host of specially created drawings, which adorn the front window and walls of the cosy, but immaculately stocked store in St Pauli.

Smallville, as the concept and record store, exists since mid 2005 and the label started with its first release in 2006. We basically just wanted to have a record store and hang-out spot, that’s why we started Smallville – it’s actually that simple. Smallville’s ambitions quickly exceeded the store’s walls, first with a record label that showcased the both the core and extended family, reaching as far as STL, Move D & Benjamin Brunn, and Thomas Melchior & Bruno Pronsato. It’s difficult to generalize about the label’s releases, but some values endure: an admiration for subtle, evolving melodies; an emphasis on deepness that leaves the dance floor within reach; and Stefan Marx’s signature line drawings. What started as and still is a neighborhood hangout is now one of house music’s more distinguished imprints, which for many is a dream come true.

The first release was a compilation with the two founders of Smallville, Julius Steinhoff, Sten aka Lawrence and the legendary DJ Swap. All releases are faced with artworks of Stefan Marx to enlarge each record with a unique value that goes beyond the music.

The german imprint's artists roster is composed from acts like Denis Karimani, Laps, DJ Swap, Jacek Sienkiewicz, Julius Steinhoff, Sten, Move D, Sven Tasnadi, Dimi Angelis, STL, Lawrence, Bon & Rau, Quince, Benny Rodriguez, Melchior, Stella Plazonja, Smallpeople, amongst many others.