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slow town



Slow Town is a record imprint based on top quality underground House music and has is soul between San Francisco (Us), Paris (Fr) and Madrid (Sp), and was created in the fall of 2012 by the famous music producer Rhythm & Soul. With strong influences from jazz, funk or soul to early house and deep electronic beats, the man behind this project is constantly looking for the perfect groove. Rhythm & Soul is described as being the artist that combines classic house flavours, with that jazzy and funky mood that he was raised with.

It is a new cosmopolitan label that creates and delivers some quality house music as well as artwork images with maximum care and intense love.Using classic American photographs determines the label's art direction with a sense tranquility and old-time everyday life prevailing in them.

Slow Town Records drops some intense and pure tracks by Joe Babylon (Roundabout Sounds, US), Tomas Es (Greece), Khalil (Tunisia) and Jesuon (Italy, Hypercolour). This various artist catalogue opener show the intentions of the label, Fat & sweet, deep & warm. Promising start with some talented new names as well as some big shots in the pipeline. Slow Town is not a business unit, but a music label, it is Underground Art.

One of Stown favorite fellas and admired artists Jef K (Silver Network, Paris) joins with SlowTowns label owner Rhythm&Soul to release The Groove Maker as the third release of the cosmopolitan label. With a mix of textures The Groove Maker EP goes from the smooth Brazilian house of Copacabana Blues, to the "detroitish" mood of The Groove Maker or an uptempo house dancefloor banger which is "U Know What I'm Sayin'".

The musical concept of the label is the revival of the most classic and primitive house, with an eye on the roots, but still looking to the future of the house scene in Chicago and Detroit. Slow Town has in its ranks recording artists such as Norm Talley, Terrence Parker, Joe Babylon or Jef K.

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.