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Slim Audio is a mix compilation, a project launched by Slimag. SLIM is an English language pocket magazine covering music, art, fashion, cuisine and culture in Berlin.

The new label offshoot of Berlin’s Slim Magazine presents its first release by Oliver Deutschmann – ‘’Future World’’.

German DJ and producer Oliver Deutschmann has put together a two-disc collection called Futureworld, due for release in June 2012.

The half-mixed, half-unmixed package is made up entirely of previously unreleased material by a variety of deeper house and techno artists, including Ed Davenport, XDB and Ron Deacon. Smallvillle favorites Christopher Rau and Moomin collaborate for the first time on a track called "A Place At Night." This track, along with others by Deutschmann and Milton Bradley of Do Not Resist The Beat, will also be available on a 12-inch due out shortly before the compilation. Buying the CD package also gets you a download link to a film called Futureworld; you can see the trailer for that one below.

Deutschmann is an active producer and DJ in Berlin, and the brains behind two labels, Vidab and Falkplatz. Futureworld is his first official mix. "All of the artists involved I have a personal relationship with and in lots of cases there's a link to my labels too so the selection wasn't too difficult for me," he says. The release also marks the launch of Slim Audio, the new label arm of Berlin multi-taskers SLIM, whose other exploits include a free local magazine, an online TV channel and a week-long music and arts festival.

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