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sleazy beats



Sleazy Beats Recordings and its sublabel, Sleazy Beats Black Ops represents the dutch independent music labels based in Amsterdam (NL), and in Copenhagen (DK), and both are run by music fanatic/disco dads/DJ ensemble Kris Pery (CPH), and Monsieur Moonod (AMS) who founded the two labels back in 2009. Label bosses and blog scribes Kris Percy (Copenhagen/DK) & Monsieur Monod (Amsterdam/NL) play together as Sleazy Beats Sound System. Over the past years they been invited to play at some amazing parties all over the place, including London (Horse & Groom), Belfast (Hudson), Berlin (KaterHolzig), Rotterdam (Burgertrut), Amsterdam (Blijburg), Copenhagen (Operaen), Bergen (Kosmo), Poznan (Poland), Vilnius (Opium Club/Studio 9), and as well gigs in Canada and the US. From warm-up grooves to peaktime disco and house fodder, as long as there's a pair of 1200s we're golden.

Whilst still a youngster on the scene as a label, with only several releases to date, Sleazy Beats Recordings has already turned all the right heads in the mid tempo house and disco community, with their limited sell out releases from the likes of Eddie C, LTJ X-Perience and Melbourne’s own Tornado Wallace.

Sleazy Beats is quite possibly the hottest label on the scene right now thanks to the quality standard of straight-to-cart-without-listening, a back catalogue of collector’s items, a hugely individual and instantly identifiable brand image, a blog of essential reading and to top it all off an amazingly cool attitude to the entire project.
SBR001 – now a veritable piece of treasure if you can find one – was the amazing Rocket Science EP by our boy Eddie C – talk about kicking things off in style. Just as special as the audio on board though was the super cool unique look and branding of the record that captured imagination & attention everywhere. The vintage pinup theme has carried on throughout the releases (as well as the blog) and has become almost as iconic as the records themselves.

Sleazy Beats Artists: Eddie C, LTJ XPerience, Tornado Wallace, Daniel Solar, La Tuerie, The Noodleman, Dead Rose Music Company, SE62, Lord of The Isles, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Frank Booker, Modsleep, amongst many others.