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Slapfunk represents the Dutch based label foccused on RAW house music based in Utrecht and launched in 2011.

Slapfunk started out as party organization about three years ago. Just a bunch of friends from Utrecht, scouring the city for suitable locations where they would throw smashing raves. Combining house, techno and a great atmosphere, these parties were an instant success and Slapfunk rapidly grew a solid fanbase.

Two years after the first party, the boys took it to another level with their first release, soon followed by a second and a third one and so one. Upcoming talents like Malin Genie, Samuel Deep en Anil Aras and Larry de Kat are responsible for these EP’s. Pressed on vinyl, ‘cause Slapfunk is allabout the black gold and Raw House Music.

All in all, Slapfunk submerged from the underground but never forgot where it came from. It’s more of a movement than a host or label, and the people behind it work hard to steer this movement in the right direction.

Slapfunk Records is the home platform for artists like: Anil Aras, Samuel Deep, Daniele Temperilli, Larry De Kat, Malin Genie, and several others.

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Kumarachi / Grobbie 11

Kumarachi / Grobbie


VÖ-Datum: 07.07.2014
Label: slapfunk
  • 10" Vinyl
    10" Vinyl
  • House
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3 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 3.