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Skudge represents the Stocklom based music label founded in 2010, and run by the music duo with the same name, Skudge. Gustaf & Elias aka Skudge hail from a basement somewhere in the North West of Stockholm, where they met in 2009 via Gustaf’s cousin. Since then they have gathered their collective passion for all things analogue and forged a partnership that has produced a range of breathtakingly heavy yet elegant techno records, the type of records that while cavernous and industrial have a consistently dynamic energy to them. Yes this is heads down, often stripped back techno but unlike many techno producers it is not indistinguishable formulaic dancefloor fodder. Skudge have a sound, a sound that has secured them a growing reputation among respected circles across Europe and beyond.

Machines do speak a language understood and appreciated by humans. Measured by the success of Skudge, an artistic duo that has delivered a lot in a very short time. Combining their inspiration and talent through wires and analogue equipment, they seem to always present something new - in a very faithful style.

What remains most significant on their output through the main label Skudge Records, as well as their remix material present on a row of different labels, it must be their exceptional sense of loops and unexpected detail in their productions.

Expect them to do what they do best - their own music on their own terms, meaning that wherever their journey brings to us and them, it will always be very tasteful.

Skudge Records is the home platform for a variety of artists such as Applebin, DJ Rolando, Jared Wilson, Skudge, Swalk, 2562/ A Made Up Sound, Aardvarck, Answer Code Request, Cosmin TRG, Innerspace Halflife, October, Substance, Stephen Brown, Fishermen, Boddika, Koehler, and several others.