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sirion records



Sirion Records is a young, ambitious label based in Berne and Zurich (Switzerland) founded by three DJs/producers: Fedja Haueter aka Feodor, Franco Rüegger aka Frango and Boris Minnig aka Kurz&Knaggisch. Together they have travelled far through the wide world of music and led them to being creative themselves. Subsequently Sirion emerged and ever since is the driving force for their common motivations and deep friendship, nevertheless allowing each individual to thrive. In 2008 two further members joined The Collective, Patrick Stucki aka Bird and Nino Thommen aka Nino Zolo, who have proven to be a strong asset, thanks to their long-standing connection and knowledge of the local and international scene.

Sirions first move in their newly forged creative platform were DJ-Mixes which continuously created, were sent around the globe and continue to get airplay on various international Internet radio stations. In Berne, the hometown, numerous events were organized at which their music was and still is celebrated congenially.

In phase II, a focus was set on the main goal: Publishing and promoting tracks on their own label, Sirion Records. Since early 2007 numerous digital publications found their way into the electronic music world. So far we can happily claim great interest and acknowledgement, which has led to growing recognition and awareness for the label as well as the published artists. The plan to support local artists in collaboration with international artists worked out and led to getting the cherished and respected work of artists of every nation out to the right audience, through producing and publishing on Sirion Records.

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3 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 3.