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silicon recordings



Silicon Records was created in 2001 by Nonnus. The Portuguese imprint is an open platform for the new generation of Hi Tech music (Techno, Tech House, Minimal). It was initially created to become a pioneer in online electronic music distribution, allowing the public to choose the tracks they wanted to buy and download directly to their computers. A concept too early for the time that seemed too advanced for the industry and never really took off…

In 2002 Nonnus decided to keep the commercial side of the record label in standby and invested the following years focusing on some more technical aspects of the label music: production techniques, audio technologies, musical and groove quantics, spectral engineering, time manipulation and mind control.

In 2007, Silicon Records released Nonnus debut album, 3G - Audio Upgrade, on iTunes.

Since then, the label has been a sound lab for its artists whose work is focused on constantly discover new sounds and feelings from electronic dance music.

In 2011, Silicon Records resumed its public activity with a steady flow of releases featuring a whole new generation of artist and fresh music that has been increasingly supported, featured, charted and most important of all, played around by many top DJs around the world.