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Shooting Elvis represents the label run by Tommy Four Seven that offers a European approach to electronic music. The british imprint was founded back in 2008 and is based in London, UK. British born, Berlin based DJ, producer and sound designer Tommy Four Seven, or known to some as just T47, is at the front of the new generation of Techno artists, creating his trademark deep and uncompromising sounds. Learning to DJ from a young age, at 17, Tommy held a 2 year residency at Fire Club, London whilst appearing at legendary venues such as Fabric, The End and Turnmills.

Tommy Four Seven is among an select group of accomplished new school techno producers who are potentially crafting a new sound from concrete breeze blocks, pumping pistons or in Tommy's case his washing machine's 3/4 cyclic pattern. Looking back on the road travelled by Tommy Four Seven his productions today do little to resemble his acidic and electro tinged minimal house records once made with French label Brique Rogue.

In 2008 Tommy set up his own Shooting Elvis imprint which focused on the deeper side of techno with a peak time approach. It wasn't until experiencing Berghain for the first time and remixing 2009 pop hit London Town by Man Like Me (to such drastic effect it was reclassified as Man Like Me Vs Tommy Four Seven) that the foundation for the Tommy Four Seven we now know was laid.

The Shooting Elvis label launched with the release of "Strix" (March 2008) and is notable for its stylistic and technical entourage, especially concerning its marketing and "target sound". The audio fidelity of Strix and promoted releases have been described as audiophile and the term "60s Techno" was coined by the label to describe its stylistic trademark.

The Shooting Elvis logo is a 2D, alien-type mascot called "Elvis". The logo appears on record sleeves, promotional material and has an offshoot as a clothing brand. The visual aesthetic of Shooting Elvis is minimal and usually high contrast.

Shooting Elvis is the home for several artists such as: Mark Broom, Tommy Four, Sebastian Roya, Remute, and some others to join in the close future.

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tommy four seven & james kronier strix (remute remix)

tommy four seven & james kronier

strix (remute remix)

VÖ-Datum: 26.11.2013
Label: shooting elvis
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