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shhhh is a young electronic music label from Western Germany, founded by Turgut Kocer in 2011.
It starts with a spooky Deep House 12" vinyl-single in August/September 2011 with 2 Bluff-remixes of 2 lectures, read by Jens Hoeffken.
Focusing on Suspense-Deep-House, minimal techno/schaffel and spooky cinematic ambient style, the label avoids to be "hypermodern" and goes back earlier in the days when cologne was a fountain of new groundbreaking ideas in mid 1990s.
Seeing its influences in Battery Park Cologne, Liquid Sky scene and more art-based minimal techno / droning ambient records, the label policy focuses on releasing the material on ancient vinyl format as well.
The main philosophy is to connect to early experimental techno records and transport the idea back to the future of millenium, combine it with modern techniques in new romantic listening esthetics.
As shhhh is a new young label, it welcomes demo material by artists who connect to similar sound atmospheres. We are always looking for new interesting material to expand the roster.

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.