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share yourself series



Share Yourself Series represents the German based music label launched in 2011 as a sublabel of Snork Enterprises.

Share Yourself Series brings you digital only tracks on vinyl...No special artwork etc, just the music which finally got in touch with the fine and warm plastic!

Share Yourself Series 1 is starting with two not on vinyl released tracks from Laufmasche. On Side A there is "Go for it" from his last snorky "Foreign Funk e.p". Side B is "Verstrahlte 122" which will be digitally released very soon on his new upcoming e.p. on Snork Enterprises in July.

Sister labels: Feinwerk, Relax 2000 Records, Under The Ground.

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szymon hollner share yourself series 04

szymon hollner

share yourself series 04

VÖ-Datum: 28.10.2011
Label: share yourself series
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