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shaker plates



Shaker Plates represents the german House / Tech-House founded in 2009, located in Hannover, Germany, and was founded and run by Rick Neumann, aka Rick N.

Shaker Plates is the Vinyl Sublabel of the very successsfull digital Label Shak Digital. After two releases (including an Angel Alanis EP, remixed by Classics Luke Solomon) its time for Label Owner Rick N to present his first single, a collaboration with Ruediga Schneider from Gawron Paris (Nordic Trax), produced by Sascha Braemer and Dan Caster. On Vocals you will find Nick Maurer, leadsinger of the american Band Greenskeepers. They get massive remix support from Sascha Braemer and Dan Caster themselves aswell as Lopazz and his production partner Zarook.

Shaker Plates is the home for artists like Prztz, Angel Alanis, Rick N., Nick Maurer, Dan Caster, Toby Montana, Rene Bourgeois, Stereo Express, Hanne & Lore, Max Duke, Oliver Schleenvoigt, Martin Books, just to name a few.

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Oliver Schleenvoigt Give & Take (Marcel Sterling Mix)

Oliver Schleenvoigt

Give & Take (Marcel Sterling Mix)

VÖ-Datum: 30.07.2012
Label: shaker plates
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7 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 7.