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Shaded Records



Shaded Records represents the St. Petersburg, Russia music label established in 2011 and run by Denizo.

Denizo (aka Denis The7notes) is a techno producer and a member the Jazz Gansgters, band weaves hip- and glitch-hop instrumentals from a wide range of jazz classics. He is the owner of labels Shaded Records and Detroit Techno Archive, co-founder of record shop Bаssbin, one of ideologists of Etiku World recordings label.

Denis launches new techno imprint Shaded Records. Records of the label present various experiments, from dark and dry German techno to dub techno and mix of techno and dubstep. Randomer, Milton Bradley, Giorgio Gigli, Forward Strategy Group, Grovskopa, Unbalance, Obtane, Paul Mac, Nick Dunton support releases of Shaded Records label. Denis records sound at such events as Time Warp.

Shaded Records present the first chapter of a melancholy tale, together with artwork from the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg. Apocalyptic techno brings us closer to a precipice - in the forms of a collective march.

In the fourth and last chapter of Shaded Records Denizo continues his journey through the maze of sounds and moods where images and textures get distorted by surrounding architecture. Ancient window of the Hermitage gives us entrance into the space of 4 stories. Edenic Dub immerses us within the atmosphere of rolling chords and melancholic melody leads further with heavy roar.

The atmosphere of melancholy and peace is invaded by dirty and massive mood, chords still roll out but they are expelled by raspy dialogues of invading spirits. Through the noise and dissolving in the atmosphere echo it is difficult to trace the message, it is still too far away. This is Invasion.

Suddenly voices are moving to our head - Inner Voice, they take all the attention and you can not get rid of them, voices push and insist - it's like a madness and insanity, which develops into a storm - Windstorm. Storm mixes and confuses things previously seemed clear and takes us away from voices and spirits, bringing the release again.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.