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Serialism Records



Serialism Records represents the Berlin based label run by Cesare Marchese aka Cesare vs Disorder and launched in 2006.

Focusing on the Techno and House side of electronic music Serialism has gained recognition internationally over the last few years for its roster of artists and array of eclectic releases and collaborations. Since 2007 when Serialism was started the label has released and collaborated with respected names such as Cesar Merveille, Ahmet Sisman, Seuil, Ekkohaus, Glimpse, Queen Atom, Jin Choi, Sierra Sam, Maceo Plex, Shaun Reeves & The Tale of Us and many more exciting artists.

The label, with its sister Mean Records has been gaining international recognition and support from a wide array of artists such as Luciano, Laurent Garnier, Sven Vath, Troy Pierce, Camea, Seth Troxler, Quenum, Maetrik, Okein, Jonnhy D, Robert Dietz, Stacey Pullen, Mark Henning, Someone Else, Miss Fitz, Audio Werner, Le K, Jeremy P Caulfield, Kate Simko, Easy Changes, BigBully to name a few…

With 22 12” releases to date Serialism’s productions vary in style from elegant refined house to slow techno and soulful grooves, always merging together to form trippy beats that lull us into the sound and the movement that follows. Jazz and swing influences incased in industrial minimal and bouncy house stem effortlessly through Serialism’s signature, reminding us of the artist’s influences and roots. A sequence of noises arranged logically in the time line, a meeting of numbers and rhythms, a farm of repetition, loopy journeys backward and downward, forward and upward…gloomy electronic signals: these are our thoughts for the dance floor.

*** To see the physical releases from this imprint, please search for the label called ‘’Serialism’’.