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Serenades Records represents the independent music label based in Finland and launched in 2011 and is run by Roberto Rodriguez aka Manolo, a DJ and producer from Helsinki, Finland.

Manolo's music is like a ‘Waterfall on House’ – organic, constantly running, sparkling and fresh. It could be the background tune for Magazine Beauties in St. Tropez, it feels like a drive through Californian valleys, or it may as well be the soundtrack tune for a full moon party on the Greek islands - yes, it might indeed just be the result of many a club year. Just as well, however, we can look at it as some sort of a flip side to those busy and dark times of dull and hard work back in the days, something to simply relax and make you smile, after a hard day's work, with a cigarette in one hand and a smooth drink in the other... imagine a piece of Roxy Music, a dancefloor in northern Italy - some time in the late 80´s - and Joe Smooth's ‘Promised Land’. See what I mean? You picture this? Well, in that case you have a pretty good idea of Roberto's "Serenades" style.

Before the Serenades were born, he started as an underground Deephouse producer and soon became the go-to guy when it came to remixes for the electronic label scene, by shaping classic tracks like Energy 52´s ‘Café del Mar’ or Marmions ‘Schöneberg’. Beside his success with the big boys, like Tigerstripes, Dirt Crew or Moodymanc, Roberto was never afraid - no, he actually made it a pleasant habit - to work for less known artists & labels - it simply needs to be good and he has to feel it.

The imprint presented its debut album called ''Manolesque'' written by Roberto Rodriguez aka Manolo, and was a great succes for the brandnew label.

Serenades wrapped the year 2013 with the release of the album ''Late Night Serenades Vol I'', and with the occasion, the label welcomed three new artists to its ever growing family roster. First we have the super talented young producer duo from Holland The Planty Herbs (Wax On) with their timeless Deep House masterpiece ‘Mood’. With the perfect sample layering and the smooth bass lines this one will get your head nodding. Secondly we have a new bouncy tune from the label head Roberto Rodriguez called ‘Pom’ which takes it’s name from the tunes slight reggae vibe. This ones slightly more to the floor. The third one is a lovely chordy tune called ‘Salt’ from a young talented producer from the US called Evan Iff (Dirt Crew, Large and Seven Music). Deep and smooth. The final track of the release comes from the finnish dj/producer Toni Halo from the Kingfishers fame. Raw and funky is the name of the game.

Parent Label: Last Episode.

Serenades Records is the favourite home for several artists such as: Evan Iff, Roberto Rodriguez, Volta Cab, Nacho Marco, PothOles, Jay Shepheard, Johnwaynes, amongst many others.