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Semantica Records is an independent Techno/IDM label owned by Svreca, was founded back in 2006 and it's located in Madrid, Spain, and is considered one of the few truly underground techno labels. Last year Semantica celebrated its fifth birthday with a five-vinyl release series that included tracks from long-term label collaborators like ERP, Oscar Mulero, Plant43 and Vladislav Delay, as well as contributions from silent servant and Karl O’Connor, while 2012 has seen Semantica champion newcomers like Developer, Aiken, Nx1 and Architectural. Where did Semantica come from and how in a few short years does its catalogue boast so many great electronic music producers.

While some of the first releases featured domestic artists like Annie Hall, Boris Divider and Oscar Mulero, Finnish producer Vladislav Delay made an early appearance, as did ERP aka Convextion. Semantica's label owner, Svreca, has always tried to keep the quality high in every release, as he thinks that '' the quality of the music is the key, the names are secondary, occassions you need to look for it in another continent.

Semantica was estavlished by Svreca as a respected techno label globally and features artists like : Regis, Orphx and Female , Vladislav Delay, Morphology, Arcanoid, NX1, ERP, Oscar Mulero, Plant43, Silent Servant, Karl O'Connor, Developer, Aiken and many many others.