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self defence



Self Defence Records represents the Cologne based independent music label launched in 2009.

"Self Defence"as the name suggests step against the trend of all sound the same minimal stereotype labels nowadays being hosted on every street corner,while mostly looking in any taste or vision.

Self Defence will feature the special and the unique without barriers:Oldschool, newskool,deep techno,classic house and the different shades in between. Self Defence will not follow the trend,nor it will pretend to set the trend. What we'll bring in will simply be some good taste for your enjoyment.

The german imprint, Self Defence is the home platform for a variety of artists such as: James Kumo, Dan Curtin, DJ Duke, Russ Gabriel, Eddie Zarook, Franco Cangelli, amongst many others.

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VÖ-Datum: 19.12.2012
Label: self defence
  • 12" Italy
    12" Italy
  • House
  • sdf0066
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