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Schematic Records is a record label founded by Josh Kay and Romulo Del Castillo as Schematic Music Company, an electronic music label specializing in techno, electronica and various forms of dance music.

In 1995, Josh Kay and Romulo Del Castillo released a series of records for the US major label Astralwerks as a duo under the stage name Soul Oddity.

After a dispute with Astralwerks, they moved to Warp record label where they had a successful release Randa Roomet, an EP, adopting the new stage name Phoenecia.

Under Schematic, and always as Phoenecia, they released the EPs Odd Jobs (1999), and Oddjob Discrimination (2001) followed by the critically acclaimed full-length album Brownout in 2001. They followed it in 2010 with the album Echelon Mall and in 2011 by the album Demissions. 2011 saw also the release of the EP Good Man Bones.

In late 1996, they finally decided to go their own way on, founding Schematic Records and signing debut artists such as Richard Devine, Scott Herren (Prefuse73, Savath & Savalas), Otto Von Schirach, Push Button Objects, and collaborating with the likes of Matmos, Autechre, Jamie Lidell, Matthew Herbert, and Glen Velez amongst many notable others.

Schematic's releases often feature striking covers by designers such as The Designers Republic, Friends With You, AS1, Shawn Wolfe, Universal Everything, Graphic Havok and Logohoax.


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