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Say What?



Say What? Recordings is a music label founded in 2012 by Ramon Tapia, and is located in Antwrep Belgium. Ramon, born and raised in Holland, is the result of this rather unique combination of circumstances, a producer whose eclectic past and upbringing combined to create one of the freshest sounds in Techno music of recent years. After a fruitful period producing mucg tougher techno, he dediced toset up his own labels, Say What? Recordings and collaboration label, Aella Music (which he runs together with Hernandez) to proliferate his sound further.

Ramon Tapia’s previous output for be as one, Snatch!, 100% pure, Remote Area and Suara has resulted in the Belgian’s name being synonymous with quality while his work as a DJ has established him as a key player on the global scene. Say What? is the next stage for the prolific producer and just a couple of releases in, the label is off to a highly promising start. The label is to serve as home to his own productions, backed with remixes from the great and the good.

Say What? is the home for several artists such as Christian Smith, secret cinema, format b, Ramon Tapia, Tripmastaz, and manny new others to come.

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VÖ-Datum: 04.03.2013
Label: say what?
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