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saved records it's Mark and Nic Fanciulli's Tech House label based in Maidstone, United Kingdom, formed in 2005. Nic Fanciulli is a DJ, producer and label owner who has remained one of the UK’s finest exports in electronic music throughout the last decade. A Grammy nominated producer, Nic has worked with artists as diverse as Underworld, Kylie Minogue, U.N.K.L.E, Loco Dice, josh wink and Tracey Thorn in addition to producing a plethora of solo club focused tracks that have achieved both critical and commercial acclaim. Now releasing on the likes of rejected and Souvenir, Nic is responsible for a high output of a sleek, intelligent yet driving strain of house and Techno.

Nic’s own Saved Records has become an important purveyor of international, underground house and techno. Having helped develop the imprint into a recognisable label since 2005, Nic and his clutch of impressive Saved artists have travelled the globe with the brand, spreading their musical manifesto far and wide. Always with a keen eye on bringing new talent through, Nic has used Saved as a platform to break new and exciting young producers as well as maintaining a desire to put out quality releases from other stalwarts of the scene. At only eight years old, Saved is continuing to expand the legacy of Nic Fanciulli.

The british label had in 2010 a fantastic year, a year which has seen the label go from strength to strength, putting out releases from artists such as mark broom, Steve Mac, Santos and Tim GREEN. On top of this, the label was nominated as IDj magazines label of the month in October and August saw the infamous Saved Sundays hitting Nic’s hometown nearly every week with headliners Carl Cox and Loco Dice to name but a few.

Saved Records is renowned the world over for releasing high quality house and techno music, and a well respected and hugely admired independent label. Alongside Nic and Andy artists who have produced on the label include: Paul Woolford, Joel Mull, alex smoke, Mark Broom, Steve Mac, Danny Serrano, emmanuel, Alex Piccini, Alex Trepper, Denney, Clio, gel abril, Hector Couto, amongst many others.

Sublabel : Deleted Records.

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