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Root50 is born from an old time friendship between Alli Borem and Nick Olivetti which translated lately into a great partnership for one of the most awaited upcoming label of 2012. Alli Borem, DJ Kool Dek , Macromism and last but not least M.in. This is the perfect formula to launch our most innovative project for 2012.

The first release is "Industry" perfect mainroom track for your summer sets, made of well crafted old-skool sounds by Alli. The first remix is from DJ Kool Dek, already well known for his releases on Saved and Be As One. He deliver a super tool dub , very elegant and well polished this track is a gurateed roof raiser. On the other side there is M.in which is supporting the EP with an engaging and much more eclectic remix, back to the much more organic sounds keeping the mood up with very cool electronic modulated sounds. We couldn't leave Macromism out for our first release, this Italian duo already impressed us in 2012 with great releases on the best labels out there. They rearranged Industry in a new version with a massive groove and at the same time structuring it in a very classy way.
The label's team describe their fresh new imprint as it follows: ''Roots is what we're looking for, roots support the plant, roots support the society, we want to irrigate them. Young talents are our nutrients, our fuel, the real talents are roots where the music flows, it flows slowly and radiates the plant until it reach the branches which expands to the space and spread into energetic waves, audio waves. The waves propagate by touching each other: human senses are our connection which allows us to detect something true, something that comes from the universe itself. Something deep, new, naive, complete. Sound touches our strings of life. It give us the energy to take action, to change, to react! A little team of young roots is taking charge of building the soundtrack of your life. It will be the synergy of lots of small ears, many youngsters, but most importantly the union of so many hearts which will generates a solid rhythm that will drive us to the truth.''

With such a descripton and a huge motivation, Root 50 is ready to take over the music market!

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.