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rockets & ponies



Rockets & Ponies represents the Label run and managed by Timo Maas and Santos, based in Germany.

After over 20 years of successful solo careers, Maas & Santos are joining forces. Now they’ve boiled down crème de la crème of their talent, contacts and artistic vision to found a self-run label which offers its artists unparalleled artistic freedom and creative independence.

For over two years now, the duo have been exploring new musical paths together, one of which is their Mutant Clan project. Speaking from their shared farm house and creative HQ in rural Germany, Santos & Timo explain Mutant Clan as a “chance to experiment”. Timo refers to it as their “electronica playground” where they can muck about and see what innovative creations emerge from it.

And Rockets & Ponies will be the box where they can put experiments like the Mutant Clan productions, as well as the experiments of friends and new young artists. Aside from housing their solo and joint projects, Rockets & Ponies will also be the home of the likes of Giorgio Roma, Riva Starr, Adam Port and Santé. As Santos puts it, this label will favour guys “too strange for the normal business”.

Unlike other labels, Rockets & Ponies will not prevent its artists from releasing hugely varied material for fear of disorientating fans and followers. Santos is very clear on this: “we seek working freedom, following the soul’s inspiration... this will be totally eclectic...it is going to offer maximum freedom of artistic expression for us and our artists.” Times are changing and Timo & Santos are keeping up. Rockets & Ponies is a gutsy, forward-looking platform for the weird and the wonderful of the new generation and is not afraid to freak any one out.

Most importantly, Rockets & Ponies follows true artistic tradition. Like all the classical artists to date, these two creative minds admit their ultimate inspiration is beautiful women. And so we reach the denouement of the label’s cryptic name: Timo reveals he stumbled across the phrase whilst in Sofia (Bulgaria), when a local noticed him admiring the stunning ladies and said:
“Over here, we categorise these beautiful women. First, you have rockets – the typical Eastern European, tall, model-like beauties. Then we have ponies, which are the same, but smaller, but also hot. And then you have the bears. But we don’t like to talk about the bears.”

Rockets & Ponies may not have anything to do with cruelty to horses, but clearly this label share the harsh Bulgarian stance when it comes to bears: they are not invited to come and play Timo & Santos’ electronic playground...access is granted exclusively to sexy people and above all, sexy sounds.

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